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Looking for a professional face painter for your themed events and parties? You come to the right place! 


I know you are creative with your ideas and looking for something new! And your party themes must be intriguing and interesting! Let us turn your fantasy into a reality! From Carnival to Halloween, jokers to monsters, princesses to witches, or even random colors on faces, just give me your coolest ideas, we will paint out the best designs to match your party theme! 


Don’t hesitate to contact us! You will be surprised how different you could be! Send your inquiries to 96555109 or!

We have been providing our body painting services for you to stand out in parties or festival events!

Body painting is a form of body art and unbounded self-expression. Our skilled and professional artists are always excited to create fantastic artworks on you based on your desired portrayal!

The water-based body paints are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and can easily be washed away. No commitments and troubling paint stains when you don't want them!

Other than large body pieces, you can consider small body pieces that gives you a subtle mode of expression. Your whole body is our canvas and the best eye catching medium for expressing yourself.

Contact us at 96555109 or to engage our service! 

UV (Ultraviolet Light) Painting is a big trend for parties and celebrations nowadays either on faces or on bodies!


Night Clubbing, Festivals and anywhere as long as you want the brightest color on your body with fantastic designs, you come to the right place!


UV Painting has extraordinary coverage with rich color finishes and can be easily removed with soap and water!   


Want your body art to POP? Try our UV painting! Contact us at 96555109 or email us at to know more!

Looking for something perfect to stand out at your events? Maybe you could try something bold: Wearing Jewels On Your Face or Your Body!

Actually, this style isn't anything new. These jewels have long been a part of Indian culture. These sparkly little gems look fantastic while going to a festival or night party.  Studs under the eyes, on foreheads, below eyebrows, all these sparkly "stones" form you the most stylish and coolest lady in any music or arts festival! 

Engage our service for your events and celebrations! Let us help you jazz up your face and make your outfit pop! Contact us at 96555109 or email us at to know more!

More and more people are obsessed with metallic tattoos!

Unlike permanent tattoos which are a commitment that you make in terms of allotting a portion of your body to it, metallic temporary tattoos are a genius proposition for those who can enjoy themselves without any of the commitment! What is more, Metallic temporary tattoos are bright and beautiful, making them ideal for any festive events, regardless of gender!

Try metallic temporary tattoos for your celebrations, events, birthdays, sorority events, wedding/ bachelorette or private parties that no one will ever forget! Make them perfect accessories when you're tromping around at any indoor or outdoor events!

Contact us at 96555109 or email us at to know more!

Looking for another easy way to level up your event? If you're in need of a little inspiration, you've come to the right place. We provide Hair braid bead and hair thread wrap services for parties and all kinds of events like sports competition, seasonal celebrations, music festival and more! 


This gorgeous combination of beads or colorful threads and braids gives your attendees the coolest style and soaring enthusiasm and also adds lively atmosphere to your events!  Hire us for our events!

Contact us at 96555109 or email us at

Flowers are not limited to hair anymore! Floral face design is truly a new trend for events! 


We create delicate and beautiful floral face for you, turning your face from a blank canvas into a work of art!

This inspiration is suitable for both males and females and is a great reference for festivals, music concerts, summer parties and weddings!

Apply several small flowers, petals, artistic leaves and glitters on your face and mix them with colors to add drama to your looks. A glamorous way to let you stand out from the crowd!

Looking for designs to execute your look in a fresh, modern way? Contact us at 96555109 or email us at

Face painter: Della Chen
Contact No: +65 96555109

Airbrush Tattoo is different from glitter tattoo, airbrush tattoos are waterproof ink that can last 3 to 5 days. It is a good choice for adults parties, cooperate events and festivals. If you are looking for quick and easy activities, try airbrush tattoo!

Contact us at 96555109 or email us at

We provide belly painting for mother-to-be! If you need a good artwork to be painted on belly for your photo shooting, Please don't hesitate to contact us! We provide pretty and beautiful belly painting! 

Contact us or WhatsApp us at 96555109 or email us at

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Contact person: Della

Contact No: 96555109




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